Dan Shea is a full stack software developer operating in the UK, predominantly building web apps and web services.

Hailing from the North, Dan moved to the east midlands for University and decided to stick around afterwards.

Back in his Northern homeland he runs a software consultancy, Posit Software, offering remote and onsite software development

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10 Aug 2016 . Progressive Web Apps . Progressive Web Apps Part 3 - Caching Comments

  1. Caching

The service worker offers amazing functionality and control over network requests, but as always, great power requires great responsibility.

The caching strategy you decide upon will affect the UX, quicker page loads and the ability to load pages while offline is incredible. However it can also have detrimental effects, getting caught in a state whereby you cannot update your own website properly, if you do not plan appropriately.

If you followed the earlier tasks and set your service worker to delete the old...

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    LLB Law with Business

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    Msc Management of Information Technology

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